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Unfortunately, at the minute, we are unable to process credit card payments. The bank that we have used for over 10 years has suddenly decided they don't do adult businesses anymore and have closed our account. We can still do cash/cheque/postal order, or better still you could just do a bank transfer (ring Mick for bank details on 07850 267241).

Or, we can now accept PAYPOINT. REALLY sorry about all this, but there was nothing we could do. We will try to get things back to how they were as soon as we possibly can. Please visit your nearest retailer that shows the PayPoint logo and ask them for a 360 Money e- voucher, which can be anything from £10 to £100. Hand the cashier your money and they'll give you a 360 Money e-voucher in return.

Then just send us the 8 digit e-voucher number along with details of what you require. Send by email, text or phone us WITH the email address on your ITC account and we process your order NB. Treat this voucher like CASH, because if you lose it it's gone.

Best sWishes

Mick & Jan


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