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Welcome to ITC

Welcome to the ONLY spanking enthusiasts web site that's run entirely by SPANKING ENTHUSIASTS!

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Hi everyone, welcome to the NEW ITC WEBSITE. It's pretty much the same layout as the old site, but it's just been modernized. As you all know, in the past we have had a few nutters who kept coming on the site and posting absolute rubbish, and so spoiling it for everyone else. They always posted anonymously, and although we did our best to keep deleting them, they always kept crawling back. We decided that the best way to try and stop this was to prevent them from being anonymous, hence the NEW ITC WEBSITE. It will still be FREE to go on the site, read the ads and reply to them. We have now re-opened the message board; again it's FREE to read all the messages, BUT, instead of having a membership fee, you will have to have bought something from the ITC shop during the last year, to be able to post (Buying tokens counts or downloading a pdf of an old magazine is only £2). All the rest of the site will remain FREE too.

Hope you enjoy the new site, please let us know what you think

Best sWishes

Mick & Jan

© ITC Spanking

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