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20.00Red Tops, Redder Bottoms

Red Tops, Redder Bottoms
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Two young trainee journalists think they have found an exclusive ........... an interview with Mick, at ITC! Of course things don't always go according to plan and when Jan catches them snooping in the ITC office, they both end up going to bed with very sore bottoms. Next day when they meet Mick he is not too pleased about the state they left his office in and so OTK they both go for another spanking. He then stops them touching things they shouldn't by punishing them on their hands. Only to be followed by a very severe caning ....... just to drive the lesson home. It doesn't end there though, because when one of Micks appointments arrives early, and catches the girls misbehaving again, he gives the backs of their legs a really good spanking ....... as that seemed to be the only place left that hadn't already been punished.

Price: 20.00

Product Code: DVD26

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