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Payment by Credit/Debit Card

ITC has all the latest software installed and is at present, one of the most secure sites on the internet. All data collected is only accessible by ITC and will not be available to any third party. Our site has been designed to offer secure online purchasing, we employ the latest and most secure encryption services and we are not aware of any fraud resulting from payment cards used on our site during our trading history.
Our payment card services are managed by Secure Hosting, one of the UK's top online payment card processing facilities. Our integration with them provides the most secure, state of the art internet payment facility available in the UK.
Your payment transaction will take place live as your order is submitted and you will receive immediate confirmation of payment, an email will also be sent to confirm the order, any problems which are encountered during the payment process will be reported on screen and a reference number will be provided should you wish to make enquiries at a later date.

Payment by Cheque/Postal Order or Cash

If you would prefer to use any of the above payment methods, then just post the appropriate amount to the address below. If your payment is for tokens/credits then you will have had to register on our website first, and the credit will ONLY be added to your account, AFTER your payment has cleared in our bank. This is not the fastest method but may be the most appropriate for you.




Top Up Cards

We have recently found out about "Prepaid Credit Cards". What a Great idea!

For those of you who are worried about using your credit card on the internet and credit card fraud this could be an EXCELLENT solution.

The idea is simple, it's like a "Top UP" phone card

What do you have to do? - Simple - Just apply for a card, put some money on it - use it. You don't get any credit, so people can't steal what isn't there, and with most of these cards you can "Top Up" at your local Post Office or bank. 14,500 places to "top up" some of them boast. Some even let you "top up" at garages, shops, supermarkets, etc. etc.

We have tried to get some of these companies to let us give the cards to ITC customers, but as is typical in the UK. "I'm sorry but you are an adult site and we couldn't possibly be seen to be dealing with you".

So we've done the next best thing, and below is a link to a price comparison site that tells you about loads of these cards, and you can just pick one for yourself. Check out the charges though, and look for the ones WITHOUT a monthly fee.


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