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We've got CONTACTS on the netCONTACTS in the mag, and now we're having CONTACTS on the phone! If you haven't got access to a computer, or you can't receive email (for whatever reason) - USE THE PHONE! You can call up and LISTEN to your ideal contact - leave a message with your contact details and they will get back to you AND ALL IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.

 Access Code:   "121"
 Place New Contact Advert:   0870 4000 398
 Message Retrieval:   09091 121 131
 Contact "Browse" Line:   0909 8540 960

Sample Phone Ads

 Sample Ad 1 - 813KB  Sample Ad 4 - 683 KB
 Sample Ad 2 - 754KB  Sample Ad 5 - 1.3MB
 Sample Ad 3 - 928KB  Sample Ad 6 - 1.1MB

New Contact Advert 0870 4000 398

Use THIS number to place your own ad. Calls are charged at STANDARD BT RATE.

Placing your ad couldn't be easier or cheaper, just describe yourself, your likes/dislikes and anything else that you think will help find you an ideal partner.

Each ad is allocated a four digit number, and you key in your own personal pin number for security. If you also have an ad in the mag, we can put the four digit number with it, so that people will be able to go straight to your personal message.

NB. If you want your four digit number to appear along side your ad in the magazine, simply tell ITC what the number is << It will appear like the ad shown <<

If you don't want to leave your phone number as part of your recorded message then don't worry, because the person listening to your ad can leave THEIR contact details on the message service. All you then have to do is call to see if there are any messages. (Using your own personal pin number for security)

Contact Message Retrieval 09091 121 131

Use THIS number to retrieve messages left for you. Calls charged at 50p/min.

Contact "Browse" Line 0909 8540 960

Use THIS number to find YOUR ideal spanking partner. Calls charged at £1/min.

Because this service is only available to ITC readers you need an access code which is shown at the top of this page.


Call charges on all numbers may be greater than indicated if calling from a mobile phone.

Caller should obtain permission from the the telephone bill payer before calling.

This service contains material of an Adult and Explicit nature, callers must be 18 or over.

Service Provider -Phoenix, P.O. Box 40, IG11 8NY.


© ITC Spanking

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